The Making of a Photo: John and Lauren’s Engagement Shoot

south florida sunrise silhouette

When John and Lauren were deciding on ideas for their Engagement Shoot, they knew they wanted to do something different. After researching different ideas, they knew they wanted to incorporate the “&” sign, but were trying to do something outside of the box other than the usual picture you can find on Pinterest of a couple holding the “&” sign. So we decided to take the idea of the “&” sign and incorporate my love for silhouettes and we got this amazing image! couples photography
We found that the image was strong enough on its own that it really didn’t need much editing done to it. Even though we were already in love with the RAW image, we decided to incorporate my love for HDR photography into this image, and bring out the subtle colors in the background. The result was two different versions of the same beautiful image, and we were unable to decide which was the winner. Instead of having to choose between the two versions, we decided to keep both for John and Lauren to use and share with their friends and loved ones.

He stole my heart, so I'm stealing his last name

And just in case, the “&” wasn’t enough understanding, we decided to incorporate the quote to say it all: “He stole my heart, so I’m stealing his last name!” Congratulations, John & Lauren on your engagement!


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