Fall Burlap Wreath


Who doesn’t want a pretty burlap wreath for the fall to hang on their door? We decided to try out a DIY burlap wreath and see how it would come out. Here’s the instructions if you would like to follow along. Or if you’re interested in purchasing one from us, you can send us an email here.



• 1 Wreath Wire

• approximately 30 feet of orange burlap

• approximately 15 feet of green burlap

• approximately 2 feet of brown burlap

• floral decorative items

• package of pipe cleaners


Step 1: Wave orange burlap through the wreath. Make sure to tie every couple bunches together with a pipe cleaner in the back.


Step 2: After weaving orange burlap about 75% through the wreath wire, begin weaving green burlap. We chose to add a little bit of green burlap in between the brown but this is optional.


Step 3: Decorate and Hang!

* This post is part of our iPhoneography series. Being a photographer is not just limited to having a professional camera. We want to spotlight life inside and outside professional photography plus showcase what happens outside of the office. We hope you enjoy this post and check back frequently for the latest ones.

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