Top 10 Reasons Why you Need a Professional Photographer

Top 10 Reasons Why you Need a Professional Photographer 

Everyone needs a photographer.
“How come?” you ask. “If you have a good camera, you don’t need a professional photographer, right?”
Wrong. And here are the top 10 reasons why you should hire a professional photographer:

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10. You will be in the images. In most families, there is a designated ‘photographer’, and often it is a parent. This means that there are rarely any photos of said parent in any of the albums. Or, the photos aren’t as flattering as they could have been if they had been taken by someone who had more practice with the camera.

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9. Your session will be well thought out and planned. Unlike family pictures, when you book a portrait session, your photographer will discuss with you prior to the shoot the details of the session. This will involve choosing the right location to suit your style and family and will also cover what to wear and how to prepare. This single point can make a huge difference in how professional your images will look.

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8. Quality of the equipment. A lot of people already own a DSLR camera. Although cameras can be really expensive, the cameras and lenses that your photographer owns cannot compare in quality to ordinary consumer cameras. Your photographer will have all the equipment required to produce beautiful images, that most ordinary households won’t have.

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7. Your photographer will know how to use their equipment. Most people that talk about their cameras will also admit that they turn their camera to auto and let their camera do the work. Modern cameras can take great images on auto, but things can go very wrong too. Your photographer will know how to use their equipment and will have manual control over their camera. They will know their equipment in and out.

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6. Photographers carefully re-touch your images. We use products like photoshop and lightroom to ensure that your images are properly exposed, the colours are perfect and the image is polished to a professional level.

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5. Attention to detail. Your photographer will pay attention to the detail. With newborn photography, babies are posed right down to the position of their hands. Blankets are smoothed out. Fabrics are ironed. Background clutter is removed. The time of day is carefully planned. Every part of the image and your session is carefully planned to ensure that you get the best images possible.

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4. Fresh eyes. Your photographer will bring fresh eyes to your family and will look at your family in a unique way. They will offer suggestions and solutions that you haven’t seen or though of and this will result in images that you may not have thought to capture.

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3. Investing in your home. One of the goals of most sessions is to produce images that will be enlarged and framed for the wall. This is an investment in your home and can enhance a room. You spend a lot of time and hard earned money furnishing your room, finishing it off with professional images of your family only makes sense.

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2. Professional photographers have a lot of training and experience. It takes years and a lot of hard work to hone photography skills. Your photographer will have spent a lot of time and money educating themselves on how to use compose your images and light them well to create a lovely gallery of images for you to choose from.

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1. I believe that the number one reason to hire a professional photographer is that once that day is over, you can never get that time back and it is now a precious memory. Who wouldn’t want the best images possible of those memories. This is even more important for those moments that cannot be relived, like weddings, maternity images, newborn images and other important milestones. Please make sure you capture the best images possible, so you will always look at those images and smile warmly. These photos will take you back to that time or that day, to a place where you can almost smell the flowers and touch the perfect newborn skin. It is definitely worth hiring the best you can afford to capture those precious memories.

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