Beauty and the Beast Wedding Save the Date

beauty and the beast wedding save the date

I’m so excited for my upcoming wedding this September! We are obsessed with Disney, and with Orlando being 3 hours away we take the drive as often as we can! As soon as we got engaged back in December I knew I wanted a Beauty and the Beast themed wedding right away. With the latest release of Disney’s Live Action Film, we could not be more excited for our special day!

The save the date came to be after spending many hours on Pinterest searching “Disney save the date” and “Beauty and the Beast save the date.” My main inspiration came from a previous photoshoot I had back in the fall for Tony and Ricky’s Engagement Shoot. I absolutely loved the burlap banner she created for her shoot at Vizcaya.

Vizcaya Engagement Shoot

I wanted to take this concept of popular save the dates already created and add elements to make it more “Beauty and the Beast.” On a Disney trip, we just happened to be shopping in one of the bigger shops at Epcot and sitting on a shelf by themselves were a single Lumiere and Cogsworth! It was PERFECT! And the last ones! Just what I was looking for.

Next was the banner. How could we add more beauty and the beast to the banner? Mrs. Potts and Chip of course!

beauty and the beast wedding save the date banner

For our outfits, we made the Beast feet from scratch (Size 15!), found a yellow dress and matched it with blue and white shoes. We went to one of our favorite spots in the Everglades and voila! Save the Date!

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