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Our Wedding Engagement Video

My fiancé used a drone to film our engagement. First, with the help of his family, he made a banner that said “Will You Marry Me?” and had the banner placed on the roof of our house.

The drone situation did not go as planned. We previously ordered drones weeks before but they were on backorder and still had not arrived prior to the proposal. So the day before the proposal, he comes home with another drone “to play with in the meantime.”

On the day of the proposal we went to breakfast and shopping for a real Christmas Tree. And then once we came home and got the tree situated his family had come over to “see the drone.”

When they asked me to fly the drone, I was so excited to play with it that I had no idea that anything was up. Ironically, we had trouble getting the drone off the ground and into the air.

Finally after some troubleshooting, we got the drone into the air and I was flying it. I was aware that he enabled Facebook Live so people watching could see what I was doing as I was flying the drone. I showed off the lawn, the cars, the dogs, etc and made my way towards to roof. Within seconds I was aware there was a piece of paper on the roof. And I knew there shouldn’t have been anything on the roof.

As it registers that I see paper on the roof and” Will you Marry Me?” written on the banner, I instantly go back to the day we started dating, with discovering a sign that was on the ground.

girlfriend proposal idea

drone marriage proposal idea

In my mind, I’m like OH MY GOSH THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING! lol. For us, it was literally the perfect proposal. And since we had the engagement recorded, I knew right away I wanted to create a “Making the Wedding” video as we go through the wedding planning process.

Enjoy the sneak peak “Trailer!” Check back after the wedding for the finished version!





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